Our Background

Our Background

Combined Medical Health Clinic is a comprehensive health clinic providing both traditional Chinese medicine services and modern Western diagnosis and treatments. CMHC aims at promoting the medical concept of integrating Chinese and Western medicine, to achieve a strong medical complementation with advanced Western medical technology and the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine.

“Zhi Wei Bing” is an ancient Chinese medical terminology, which literally means making prevent health planning before diseases.

Prevention is better than cure is always the principle of having a good health. CMHC thus launches a series of customized checkup plans for clients to evaluate any potential risks at an early stage. By complementing both Chinese and western treatments as well as the vaccination programs, our professionals are dedicated to providing a personalized and exhaustive preventive package to our customers.

Combined Consultation service, the significant service of CMHC is provided in collaboration with Combined Women’s Specialist Clinic. In one consultation, our Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Western medicine specialist will jointly provide their professional opinions and come up with a personalized medical suggestion to the patients.

CMHC takes professionalism and integrity as always the prime concern. Our medical team is experienced and do the utmost to treat every of our patient with attentive care and one stop medical service for the sake of patient’s well-being.